Photo 14 Apr 1 note Finally a nice day.

Finally a nice day.

Text 9 Apr

We finally found an apartment.  This means I’ll have my own room and get to cook for myself all next year.

It’ll be great.

Audio 8 Apr

Foxing - Rory

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Text 8 Apr

After next semester I only need 9 more credits to graduate. Wow.

Photo 5 Apr
Text 4 Apr 2 notes

I was just offered a full-time paid internship for the summer. This really is a great day!

Text 4 Apr 1 note

Registered for every class in one try. Today is a good day.

Text 3 Apr

It finally feels like Spring.

Text 29 Mar 1 note

It’s 2AM and my roommate is singing along to “Happy. ” Sing on, dude.

Video 27 Mar 2 notes

A group of filmmakers and artists made a short film about my incredible great aunt, Eleanor.  It premiered at SXSW, and she even flew to Austin to speak after the showing.  She hasn’t gotten into an airplane for over 40 years.

She was someone who really pushed me to spend last Summer in France, and I can’t thank her enough for that.  What an awesome person.

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