Text 20 Aug

I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

Text 17 Aug

Thanks for making me walk three miles alone.

Text 15 Aug

I’ve lived on Long Island for my entire life, but this will be my first time ever sailing.

Text 13 Aug

My town got 13” of rain overnight, while the surrounding towns had under 3”. How is that possible?

Text 10 Aug

I don’t know what to do.

Text 4 Aug 3 notes

I could listen to Impossible Soul indefinitely.

Text 3 Aug

Why do we give certain words so much power?

Text 29 Jul

Set out to run through the hills for thirty minutes.  Ended up going for sixty-five.


Text 24 Jul 1 note

You make me smile

Text 23 Jul

I’m packing for a four-day trip to Las Vegas.  I have no idea what to expect other than debauchery and hangovers.

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