Text 16 Apr

This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about.

Photo 14 Apr 1 note Finally a nice day.

Finally a nice day.

Text 9 Apr

We finally found an apartment.  This means I’ll have my own room and get to cook for myself all next year.

It’ll be great.

Audio 8 Apr

Foxing - Rory

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Text 8 Apr

After next semester I only need 9 more credits to graduate. Wow.

Photo 5 Apr
Text 4 Apr 2 notes

I was just offered a full-time paid internship for the summer. This really is a great day!

Text 4 Apr 1 note

Registered for every class in one try. Today is a good day.

Text 3 Apr

It finally feels like Spring.

Text 29 Mar 1 note

It’s 2AM and my roommate is singing along to “Happy. ” Sing on, dude.

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