Photo 20 Oct 2 notes Possible Halloween costume?

Possible Halloween costume?

Text 19 Oct

Despite his expectations he turned out mediocre

Text 16 Oct

And what about your friends
Don’t you love them enough to stay?
And I say if I don’t leave now
Then I will never get away

Photo 16 Oct 42 notes I look ridiculous!

I look ridiculous!

Text 15 Oct

Just got paid to drink mimosas with rich people.

Photo 13 Oct 2 notes y u do this? 😭

y u do this? 😭

Photo 8 Oct 1 note Not again

Not again

Video 8 Oct 2 notes

(Source: Spotify)

Text 7 Oct

Time for the weekly Tuesday night six-pack.

Text 6 Oct 1 note

Living or dying, in New York it means nothing to me.

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