Text 30 Sep 1 note
Text 30 Sep 1 note

I might enter a PhD program.  What is wrong with me?

Photo 21 Sep Also, there was a wizard.

Also, there was a wizard.

Video 21 Sep 2 notes
Photo 21 Sep 3 notes Wow.


Text 20 Sep 1 note

I consider “average” a plus.

Text 20 Sep

Latest night in a looooong time. Luckily this one ended alright.

Text 19 Sep

Only because I promised you.

Text 16 Sep 1 note

I think I’ve decided to apply to graduate school.  After four years of dealing with what must be the most anti-intellectual college in the world, all I want to do is learn for the sake of learning.  I’m wasting my time here and feel like I’m not even approaching my potential.

I want to go away from here.  Far, far away.  Boulder looks beautiful, as well Washington and a few of the UCs.

I need to change the trajectory of my life. 

Text 16 Sep

I just want to be cold.

I don’t want you to know.

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